2,222 doggos on the solana blockchain

Our presale has sold out
Public mint TBA


The Samoyeds 🐶

Samo Doggos are a pack of 2,222 samoyeds let loose onto the solana blockchain!

The first P2E game coming from the Middle East. These doggos are your ticket into the samoverse, they grant you access to all our utilities in the ecosystem we are building, you will be able to stake your doggos, earning you our utility token which fuels our entire ecosystem.

Utility Token 💰

Our utility token is what fuels the entire ecosystem, it acts as the in-game currecy which will drive all of the transactions and interactions within the samoverse. It grants the doggo holders governing power, allowing them to vote on updates and features of the game, as well as the influence the direction of the project.

The token can be earned through 2 different ways, staking your doggos over a certain period of time will earn you tokens, another way to earn the token (which is our favorite way 😍) is through playing the game, completing levels, missions and more!

Staking ⌛

Staking your doggos is a simple, fun and easy system to earning more of our tokens! Although staking will not be as fruitful as the game, we encourage our holders to play the game! (trust me, you’ll have a blast🐶)

Play to Earn 🕹️

Samo Run will be our first step in to the Samoverse! Middle East’s first P2E game on the solana blockchain.

A 3D platformer featuring fun levels to explore and complete, monthly missions that will earn you more tokens, seasons and events and ofcourse! a ranking system and social features. The game is developed by an idie team, it will continually be worked on hand in hand with the community influencing the decisions of the future of the game.

Our Roadmap 🌎

Our Story ✨

A family founded project, with myself hypno (founder) and my sister celci0r (artist) we grew up with pets all our lives, from dogs, chickens, rabbits, cats to horses, paired with our shared passion for gaming, we wanted to build something that we could share our love and passion for, so we started our search and began building, we quickly fell in love with the NFT space and the possibilities it opened up to us.

We started looking into projects and communities, and ended up finding the solana space, it showed promise of growth, innovation and excitement. The space was welcoming to newcomers and pushed everyone to build and grow with them. This sense of comradery and knowledge sharing inspired and fueled us to the point where we wanted to make our own contribution, to build and give back as much as we could to the community that took us in and bring something new in doing so!

Our Team 👩‍💻

Our team has been doxxed and verified with @civickey


5 years+ experience in 3D modelling, 3D game development, graphic designer and brand strategist. Also studied architecture.


Our artist bringing the doggos to life! She’s racked up 8+ years of experience in illustration and animation, currently studying animation.


Joined in the solana space in early august, with 2+ years experience in networking in the gaming industry in the middle east.


What are Samo Doggos?

An NFT collection of pixel art samoyed doggos accompanied by a web-based tamogatchi styled game.

How many samo doggos are there?

We have a collection of 2,222 doggos ready to play!

What blockchain are you using?

We will be available on the solana blockchain.

How much?

.55 Solana.

Wen mint?

Pre-sale SOLD OUT. Public mint TBA, follow our twitter to stay updated.

How mint?

You will be able to mint on our website! We recommend using the Phantom Wallet.

Is the team doxxed?

Yes, the team is doxxed and verified with @civickey. You can also find the founder usually livestreaming games and giveaways on twitch.

Have more questions?

If you have any more questions please feel free to reach us on twitter and discord, our dms are open!